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"The audience finds you," Pam Spaulding says. (Jose Antonio Vargas - The Washington Post)
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

DENVER, Aug. 27 -- Here in Confab City, you can't swing a messenger bag without hitting a blogger; the place is lousy with them. Hundreds are credentialed; here's one worth clicking on.

Your blog: Pam', born July 2004.

Your real job: IT manager at Duke University Press.

Your blogger name, and why: Pam Spaulding. "Yes, I blog under my name. Boring, right? But this is who I am. I don't blog under a handler. I don't do that. I'm Pam."

Your real name: Pam Spaulding.

Other deets:45, married (to a woman, whom she wed in Vancouver, Canada, in 2004), lives in Durham, N.C.

We're dying to know -- do you actually brew any of that hazelnut-vanilla flavored junk?

In the blog or in real life?


[Laughs.] I don't drink coffee, actually. [Laughs again.] I know, I know. That's the irony right there. [Laughs some more.] I drink tea. English Breakfast tea with half-and-half.

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