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Adam Brickley started his Palin blog last year.
Adam Brickley started his Palin blog last year. (By Juliana Brickley)
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Monday, September 1, 2008

At the Republican National Convention, you can't swing a messenger bag without hitting a blogger; the place is lousy with them. But here's one worth clicking on who's physically on the fringes but central to the ticket.

Your blog:, February 2007

Your real job: Recent graduate of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; had an internship at Heritage Foundation and just started a new one, at, the conservative site, last week.

Your blogger name, and why: ElephantMan. "Simple: Republicans are elephants. I used to have a complicated name. MrNastElephant. But nobody got the joke. Mr. Nast is Thomas Nast, the cartoonist in the 1800s who created the Republican elephant and the Democrat donkey. Both cartoons were actually meant as insults, I think. The elephant streamrolls the opposition. And the donkey -- well, um, I think that's self-explanatory."

Your real name: Adam Brickley.

Other deets:21, single, lives in D.C, grew up around Colorado Springs.

You're not going to Minnesota. Where will you be blogging from?

"Right now I'm living at the dorms at Heritage [Foundation]. I can't blog from there. Because Heritage is not supposed to promote a candidate. So my blog headquarters is at McDonald's."


[Laughs.] "Yeah, the McDonald's either in Union Station or in Rosslyn. Free WiFi. Nothing beats that."

What do you usually order?

[Laughs.] "Either a Big N' Tasty or a Quarter Pounder with no bun because I can't digest the wheat."

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