What's New: Offensive Coordinator

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sherman Smith is in his first season as an offensive coordinator at any level. Formerly an assistant head coach-running backs with the Tennessee Titans, Smith oversaw the running game.

An NFL running back for eight seasons, Smith and Zorn were rookie starters with the Seattle Seahawks in 1976. During his tenure with the Titans, Smith contributed to the development of four-time Pro Bowl running back Eddie George, and the rushing attack was consistently strong.

As Smith and Zorn pursued coaching careers, they often discussed the possibility of working together. Smith initially rejected Zorn's offer because of his strong ties to the Titans and Coach Jeff Fisher, whose staff he joined in 1995.

But Smith reconsidered because he wanted the opportunity to play a bigger role as a coordinator. Smith also aspires to become an NFL head coach. Smith replaces Al Saunders, who left with his vaunted 700-page playbook to run the offense for the St. Louis Rams.

After Smith joined the staff, he focused on learning the West Coast scheme, which relies on the quarterback making snap decisions and getting the ball out quickly. Although Zorn will call plays, Smith will have significant input in devising and installing the game plan each wee

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