About Argentine Wines

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

· To counteract the earthy herbal notes in big Argentine reds, top the red-meat dishes that accompany them with an herbed sauce, such as pesto or salsa verde. Your palate will perceive the herbal notes as coming from the sauce and not the wine, which will bring out the wine's fruit flavors.

· Although they're not yet as easy to find as still wines, watch for sparkling wines coming out of Argentina from the growing number of champagne houses (including Moet & Chandon and Mumm) that have established a foothold there. The Argentine native 2004 Luigi Bosca Extra Brut ($15 at the Wine Specialist) is an intriguing sparkler with flavors of toasted almonds and honey and a whisper of vanilla on the finish, ideal for pairing with fish and chicken dishes.

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