New Apple Nano, Touch and Upgrades to iTunes
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Saturday, September 13, 2008; 12:19 AM

Here is the transcript of Macworld's coverage this morning of the Apple event and announcements.

11:03 PT - DM: Steve comes back out to pose for a photo-op and give Mr. Johnson a round of applause. And that appears to be a wrap. We're done here. No "One more thing", but there's plenty to like in that new iPod line-up. We'll of course have more for you on those just as soon as we get our damn dirty paws on them. Thanks for reading along, and for me, Jason Snell, Dan Frakes, Chris Breen, and the rest of the Macworld team, have a great day.

11:01 PT - DM: "This is really a song for my wife, not my friends...I keep picturing my friend Ed right now in front of a computer, and I'm singing a love song to him."

11:01 PT - DM: That's Dan Frakes, ladies and gentlemen, Jack Johnson discographer extraordinaire.

11:00 PT - JS: Now Jack's playing "Better Together," Mr. Frakes tells me. As for me, I know that one song from the "Curious George" movie, but that's pretty much it. Boy, I'm glad Dan Frakes is here.

10:58 PT - DM: Jack says thank you. "Seems kind of weird that I'd be the number one, with U2-maybe they don't count because they're a band and I'm a guy with a name." "I don't know, I'm used to kind-of 20-something girls right here. I'm doing my best..." He wanted to come and show his appreciation for all the help iTunes has given him over the years. "Most of my friends probably aren't watching this right now, but I wanted to say hi to all my friends that are actually watching this right now."

10:56 PT - JS: Or Kanye West. What? "Gold Digger" is totally a political statement. (By the way, Jack Johnson fans, he's playing "Sleep Through the Static" according to local JJ expert Dan Frakes.)

10:55 PT - DM: Political, maybe, but he's no Randy Newman.

10:55 PT - JS: Dan Frakes muses: Is the fact that many of the songs played at these events have a political overtone just part of the times we live in, is it specifically requested by Steve Jobs, or is it just part of the whole "Apple music event" vibe?

10:54 PT - DM: The real question here is: which iPod does Jack Johnson have? I think the answer is all of them. It's good to be buddies with Steve Jobs.

10:52 PT - DM: Yes, Jason. I think he's prepared to rock in a decidedly acoustic fashion.

10:51 PT - JS: It's all that "Curious George" music, Dan. But the real question is, is Jack Johnson ready to rock?

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