Washington's Last Corner Of Camelot Is On the Market

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, September 12, 2008

Another piece of history for sale: the Potomac home of Eunice and Sargent Shriver, the last of the Kennedy family estates in the Washington area. We've learned that the 16,000-square-foot mansion will be listed Monday for $11.8 million.

The family recently decided it was time to let the homestead go -- Eunice, 87, and Sargent, 92, have both suffered serious health problems for several years and now spend most of their time in Massachusetts, California and Florida.

In 1986, the Shrivers moved from their home on D.C.'s Foxhall Road (once owned by Nelson Rockefeller) to the seven-acre property on Harrington Drive just off River Road. They tore down the existing house and built a sprawling 10-bedroom, 11 1/2 -bath Georgian manor -- pool, servants' quarters, etc. -- as home base for their five children (four sons and daughter Maria), grandkids and assorted Kennedy cousins and in-laws.

The family hosted hundreds of events for pet projects such as Special Olympics and the Peace Corps; once a year, they threw open the doors for the Best Buddies Ball, a glitzy fundraiser for special-needs students. The charity's Grand Finale party is still on for Oct. 18 -- the last chance for hundreds of black-tie guests to mingle with Hollywood stars and gawk at all the Kennedy/Shriver memorabilia in every room.

The estate will be listed by Washington Fine Properties, which is also selling Hickory Hill, Ethel Kennedy's property in McLean -- still on the market after five years (just $12.5 million, down from the original asking price of $25 million).

He Jams! He Jokes! He's D.C.'s Funniest Celeb!

Huckabee! You can imagine it in lights -- a one-name multitalent sensation, like Sinatra or Cher. Soon you'll regret that you missed the chance to see him play small rooms. We speak, of course, of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who on Wednesday rocked a think-tank confab playing bass on a Beatles tune and then stopped by the D.C. Improv for the Funniest Celebrity in Washington charity fundraiser contest -- which, of course, he won.

It's not so much his material. (Please, everyone: "Hunting trip with Dick Cheney" jokes are over.) It's his delivery. The man owns the stage. (Look him up on YouTube.) He triumphed over actual demi-celebs ( Dan Glickman, Grover Norquist, Bob Barr) and lesser-known ringers (um, James Kotecki?). Huck highlights:

· On the campaign trail, "we saved money by staying in hotels you'd never stay in. . . . I got to the hotel, it was so bad, I called my wife. I said, 'I'm the only person at this hotel who has sleeves.' "

· "The five most feared words [for] an Arkansas politician: 'Will the defendant please rise?' "

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