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Sunday, September 14, 2008

TittswortH, 29


Tittsworth became semi-famous the new-fashioned way: by spreading his remixes and edits through the blogosphere. Tittsworth (that's his real name; he was born Jesse Tittsworth) specializes in Baltimore club, a rowdy style of high-energy, bass-heavy music that originated in Charm City. "It takes the tempo of house music and that gritty, sampled feel you'd get from hip-hop," he explains. ¶ After earning international notice for his B'more remixes and live DJ sets, the Alexandria-based artist has shifted into the realm of songwriting and production, with a guest-heavy album of originals, "Twelve Steps," released in August. Its creation was made possible largely by technology, with Tittsworth and his collaborators (Nina Sky, Pitbull, Santogold, Kid Sister, the Federation) swapping music and vocals via e-mail. ¶ "It's like an extension of blog culture," he says. "It's as nerdy as it gets, but you can do it all on a laptop without being in the same city." ¶ His goal now? To break through the glass ceiling of the remix-and-DJ circuit. "I started to see the limitations of what I was doing," he says. "I want to do original music for larger artists, pop artists. And those opportunities are already starting to come."

-- J. Freedom du Lac

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