Porn Mode Coming to Firefox

Don Reisinger
Friday, September 12, 2008; 9:54 AM

At one time, it was tough to cover your tracks after visiting some, uh, questionable sites, but now it's getting easier than ever. According to Mozilla, Firefox is joining Safari, Internet Explorer 8, and Google Chrome in providing its users with a "private mode" that will not collect any of your browsing history or cookies in the upcoming release of Firefox 3.1.

Much like Chrome, users will be able to open a separate window in Firefox 3.1 that will let them browse the Web in any way they see fit without worrying about the wife or kids entering the History menu and seeing why they spent the last hour in the office with the door locked.

But Mozilla's name for the feature (which was originally planned for Firefox 3 but never made it in) is a bit of a misnomer. Upon entering "private mode," all your information will still be accessible to the sites you access and your ISP will be able to track you wherever you go. In other words, you're only hiding where you've been from those at home.

Firefox 3.1 is still in Alpha 2, but the company said that a Beta release should be made available in the next few weeks.

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