Save 'Cool' for Values

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Save 'Cool' for Values

In Ann Hornaday's review of the movie "Pineapple Express" ["One Toke Over the Line," Style, Aug. 6], she referred to her mother bringing home an Allen Ginsberg poster showing the Beat poet with a sign reading, "Pot is fun." Hornaday then said of her mother, "What can I say? She was a cool mom."

Then, on Aug. 27, The Post reported on a former Thomas S. Wootton High School teacher who furnished cocaine to two students and was dubbed in the school's 2007 yearbook "the coolest woman alive."

I don't consider either of these women "cool"; rather, they used extremely bad judgment when interacting with a daughter and with students. Let's wake up and use the term "cool" where it is deserved for a display of exemplary character.

-- Skip Wolfe


Celine vs. Barbra

In the Sept. 10 Style Section, staff writer Jacqueline Trescott noted in her article on the Kennedy Center Honors ["Streisand, Freeman, Tharp Among Kennedy Center Fab 6"] that Barbra Streisand's sale of 71 million records was "more than any other female recording artist."

Yet, in the same section, in a review of Celine Dion's concert ["Mush Beloved: Celine Dion's Power Pap"], staff writer J. Freedom du Lac stated that Dion "has sold more than 200 million albums over the past two decades."

As the robot in "Lost in Space" would say, "This does not compute."

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