What Is the Constitution?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Third - graders in Keith Knott's class at Nottingham Elementary School in Arlington County talked with reporter Valerie Strauss last week about the Constitution. Here's how the conversation went when the kids were asked: "What is the Constitution?"

"I know -- it's the day they signed the Declaration of Independence," said Garrett

Lusk, 9.

"I know what it is, but I forgot," said one 8-year-old girl whose name could not be published.

"I have a copy," said Miranda Manka, 8.

"I have two copies," said Sophie

Cowan, 8 1/2 .

"It's something where people gather and then they do something," Miranda said.

"A group of people agree," said Garrett.

"It's a huge piece of paper, and they agree on stuff and they sign it," Miranda said.

"Rules. They agree on rules," said Garrett.

"To help the U.S. make laws," said Emmett Kyle, 8.

"Constitution Day. It's a big day," Emmett concluded.

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