- BMW MMS Campaign Gets 30 Percent Conversion Rate

Dianne See Morrison
Wednesday, September 17, 2008; 8:00 AM

A lot of hype surrounds mobile marketing, with lots of talk of "immediacy" and "intimacy," but not a whole lot of results yet. BMW, however, is one major brand that has been experimenting a lot with mobile ads, with a recent campaign to push snow tires generating a 30 percent conversion rate, according to BMW's Innovation Manager for Mobile Marketing Marc Mielau.

In a two-part, in depth interview with MobiAd, Mielau goes into fine detail how the campaign in Germany worked. Basically, BMW sent an MMS to customers in its database with a photo of how their model car would look with the recommended snow tires. Customers also had the option to see how other tires would appear on their cars by clicking on a downloadable application. They were also given the option of calling their nearest dealer directly, or requesting a call back. Mielau believes the campaign was a success for three reasons?that it had been tailored to each individual customer, that it had been localized to allows customers to find their nearest dealership, and that it had been timely. Mielau, apparently, told his agency to start sending out the MMS when he noticed the first snow of the season had begun to fall.

Much more on BMW's mobile advertising efforts in the interview?including QR codes, mobile specific sites, and how some early, more high tech efforts didn't pan out so well, prompting them to return to the simpler SMS/MMS campaigns. ( Part 1, Part 2).

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