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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anne Arundel

These were among sales recorded recently in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visithttp://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Annapolis Area

ELLIS RD.,1420-M. and K. Corp. to Stewart A. Anderson, $310,000.

HOLLYWOOD AVE.,1316-David Shaw to Primacy Closing Corp., $349,571.

KUETHE DR.,128-Harvey V. Smith to Timothy R. Delaney and Jennifer L. Potter, $403,000.

MAINSAIL DR.,1144-Robert L. Thomas, trustee, to Eugene J. and Betty L. Fields, $725,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT.,2008, No. 2-Jacques Peridans, trustee, to William B. and Connie J. Winkel, $430,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

MAID MARION HILL,630-Joseph P. Swift to Wic Corp., $1.53 million.

Annapolis-Broad Creek Area

ASTERN WAY,940, No. 940-204-IDI Heritage Harbour Corp. to Richard I. Williams and Barbara W. Leroy, $410,830.

ASTERN WAY,940, No. 940-302-IDI Heritage Harbour Corp. to Helen F. Magaw, $728,720.

ASTERN WAY,940, No. 940-409-IDI Heritage Harbour Corp. to Terrell A. and Linda Lee Waters, $394,625.

ASTERN WAY,940, No. 940-506-IDI Heritage Harbour Corp. to Shirley Mae Lowe, $602,650.

CHASE ST.,631-Steven P. Gigliotti to Wharton Endowment, trustee, $550,000.

COXSWAIN WAY,803, No. 2081-Peggy L. Link to Henry and Carol Ann Redmond, $239,900.

FORBES ST.,302, No. 302C-Christine L. Hill to Theodore W. Gassman, $227,000.

TUDO CT.,2522-Betty Mae Lyvers to Janet T. Steward, $290,000.

Arnold Area

DUNBERRY DR.,629-Jacquelyn S. Gast to Carl W. and Carol A. Owen, $398,500.

SILVERLEAF DR.,1103-Jeff M. Long to Susie S. Lo, $355,000.

228TH ST.,2302-Bayland Inc. to Robert W. Slick, $380,378.

Brooklyn Area

CRESSWELL RD.,224-Acre 8 Corp. to James Powell, $247,500.

FOURTH AVE.,206-Equifirst Corp. to Joseph Happel, $180,000.

FOURTH ST.,5115-Leon R. Flanary Sr. to Tammy and Sha'Tia Pinder, $162,000.

Cape St. Clair- Sandy Point State Park Area

ANNA MARIE CT.,1418, No. 9-Frederick Anthony Schnurr to Shaun E. and Jennifer M. Ignacio, $360,000.

BROADNECK PL.,1507, No. 1-402-K. Hovnanian at St. Margaret's Corp. to Vera W. Holt, $250,000.

ELKWOOD CT.,1654-Carisa Fantozzi to Kevin Ludlum, $310,500.

ENYART WAY,1523-K. Hovanian at St. Margaret's Corp. to Anne W. Bastian, $339,990.

GREEN HOLLY DR.,1213-Citibank to George R. and Skylar M. Fewster, $305,000.

WOOD DUCK LANE,519-Patrick F. Wergin to James Rentfrow, $463,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR.,1720, No. 11C-Robert J. Etkins to Julie C. Dooley, $305,000.

BARGATE CT.,2820-Darin K. Craig to Ronnie B. and Kerry C. O'Dell, $565,000.

BIRCHLEAF CT.,1216-Hewitt Associates Corp. to Brian E. and Stephaine K. Hoyt, $465,000.

FOREST HILL CT.,1631-Michael Schulz to David and Linnea Bernier, $264,900.

HARCOURT AVE.,1925-Linda A. Lachewitz to Angela Larson and Rick Mowat, $450,000.

PAWLET DR.,1943, No. 13C-Lisa E. Knopf to David M. Lehmann and Isla R. Wickham, $247,000.

Crownsville Area

INDIAN CREEK LANE,915-Joseph J. Buckholtz to John Duret and Linda Lachewitz, $700,000.

Curtis Bay Area

HILLTOP RD.,1207-Larry D. Richardson to Scott D. and Julia M. Alexander, $305,000.

Davidsonville Area

ASHE ST.,1033-Gary B. Schoch, trustee, to Sean and Lara Mulvaney, $599,900.

Deale Area

MARSHALL AVE. E.,620-Stephen M. Gordon to Cameron R. and Maggie Rogers, $349,000.

Edgewater Area

CEDAR GROVE RD.,305-Fremont Investment and Loan to Christopher M. Sills, $225,000.

CENTRAL AVE. E.,791-Ruth Swartz to James O. and Vicki H. Steinberg, $350,000.

OVERHILL DR.,606-Steven H. Flury, trustee, to Lawrence A. and Lucy M. Vagnoni, $1.48 million.

PENWOOD DR.,431-Michael R. Boyle to Gerald Burghardt, $490,000.

EIGHTH AVE.,3729-Doug Hughes Inc. to Eric A. and Crystal L. Webb, $386,500.

FIFTH AVE.,3716-Howard B. Arrington to Jeffrey A. Cox and Stacie J. Wollman, $170,000.

Gambrills Area

CHEYENNE DR.,2507-Lia M. Cody to Christopher M. and Christy N. Humphreys, $385,000.

Glen Burnie Area

BOUSCH PL.,414-Warren W. Drake to Joe A. Offer, $335,000.

GREAT BEND RD.,8198-Lasalle Bank to Regina Johnson, $189,490.

JEFF MAR DR.,8911-James R. Sullinger to Richard D. and Vicki L. Simmons, $321,000.

WICKLOW RD.,222-Theresa M. Romm to George and Matija A. Wagner, $327,500.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

GENINE DR.,1047-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Christopher D. and Sarah A. Druding, $210,000.

INDIGO BUNTING LANE,911-U.S. Home Corp. to Daniel E. Stinchcomb Sr., $335,150.

KIMONO CT.,6607-Donna L. Dieterich to Arrian and Sheila Mercer, $290,000.

MONAGHAN RD.,7777-Kraig T. Allen to Rebecca Blasingame White, $395,000.

QUEEN ANNE RD.,8-Joseph Wayne Perry to WM Specialty Mortgage Corp., $217,000.

STEWART LANE,1012-Richard C. Soaper to Joshua and Kathleen Bright, $260,000.

Hanover Area

FOREST CREEK DR.,1715-NVR Inc. to Derry K. and Rona J. Pemberton, $567,700.

GESNA DR.,1479-Ricardo E. Gonzales to Craig L. Tillbery, $370,000.

HELSTON CT.,7525-CC Dorchester Corp. to Denise Dunn, $389,488.

HURLEY CT.,1521-Renzy H. Bryant Jr. to Adam G. Thomas and Danielle E. James, $410,000.

SUFFOLK WAY,7705-NVR Inc. to Scott D. and Brenda D. Sheppard, $474,990.

TERRAVIEW CT.,7727-Arundel Preserve No. 10a Corp. to Katrina M. Kennedy, $529,976.

Jessup Area

HORSESHOE CIR.,2045-Charles A. Gardetto to Scott Altizer, $375,000.

Laurel Area

BITTERWOOD PL.,3406-Raymond A. Ways to Alice M. and George F. Ashton, $250,000.

OAK RD.,3511-Calvin F. Shilling Sr. to Joan F. Rankin, $349,900.

PENNINGTON DR.,8038-Thomas A. Iseghohi to Nnennan Ofurum, $367,000.

STYLE AVE.,3353, No. 2-William B. White to Pamela Brooks, $255,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

FOREST VIEW RD.,542-Marilyn F. Broll to Jonathan D. and Traci R. Williams, $269,900.

MINTA CT.,201-Verna E. Kelch to Jeff Mohler, $215,000.

MOUNTAIN RD.,14-Vincent J. Vaise to Shannon Martin and Edward P. Gavalla Jr., $275,000.

Millersville Area

COG CT.,661, No. 25-Household Finance Corp. to Jeanine and Ryan Wendler, $231,500.

ELVATON RD.,8266-Josephine Long to Mohammad Iqbal, $400,000.

SPRINGBLOOM DR.,787-John C. Officer to Lee R. and Kathryn F. Feldmann, $685,000.

North Beach Area

BAY FRONT AVE.,668-Douglas R. Hull to Michael and Suzanne Jakobowski, $925,000.

Odenton Area

FARRARA DR.,1309-Kim L. Matzen to Wesley K. Hines and Maria G. Carbajal, $273,900.

OYSTER RD.,803-Judson S. Dehart to Dennis R. and Elizabeth A. Topielec, $317,500.

SUMMER RIDGE CT.,713-Darren J. Mitchell to Sue Sun Chung, $329,000.

TIMBERBROOK CT.,300-Kenneth Day to Andrea T. Feliciano, $320,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BAR HARBOR RD.,207-Leo P. Cook Jr. to Timothy W. Markley and Wendy M. Coombs, $263,000.

BLACK DIAMOND CT.,8205-Jeffrey Jeffers to Michael and Donna Helwich, $570,000.

FORT SMALLWOOD RD.,8944-William G. Stammer Sr. to Pierce Property Management Corp., $150,000.

HOLMESPUN DR.,1258-Joyce Kirby to Nicholas J. Wehunt and David L. Trezise, $255,000.

HOMELAND RD.,20-S. Sweet Properties Corp. to Richard C. and Monica D. Rimmel, $355,000.

KENWOOD RD.,175-HSBC Bank to Joshua P. Malinowski, $275,000.

NEW BEDFORD HARBOUR,8647-Lindsey M. Edler to Andrew and Jennifer Litchfield, $255,000.

ROSE CROWN CIR.,2954-Brian Hall to Nicki A. Eger, $335,000.

SEAFORD CT.,3649, No. 202-James B. Stilley Jr. to Robert M. Becker Jr., $238,000.

VENA CT.,7716-Shawn D. Banzhoff to Michael R. Chaffee, $270,000.

215TH ST.,761-Larry D. Knotts to Mark E. and Holly L. Battenfeld, $250,000.

Riva Area

WESTBURY DR.,412-Reginald W. Lewis to James E. and Kristina I. Johnson, $425,000.

Severn Area

BEACH PLUM LANE,7928, No. 15-U.S. Bank National Association to Jeffrey T. Van Horn and Daniel G. Jones, $315,000.

BROOKSTONE CT.,8027, No. 807-Kevin T. Pinkney to Sheldon Brown and Andrene K. McLarty Brown, $260,000.

CALDER WAY,608-NVR Inc. to James H. and Stacy B. Dellavecchia, $600,000.

CITADEL DR.,7846-Federal National Mortgage Association to Amy B. Clark, $288,500.

DELMONT RD.,1147-Donald B. Treadwell to Jason R. and Kelly J. Sexton, $295,000.

GANNON CT.,8415-NVR Inc. to Brian W. Nguy, $465,469.

VALLEY CREEK RD.,1407-Jane L. McMurtrie to Roderick J. Swan and Hamid Nowrouzi, $172,000.

Severna Park Area

ALSTON PL.,637-Cheryl L. Betts to Elizabeth A. and Daniel L. Straub, $325,000.

DORBA CT.,42-Kamal Moshiri to Joseph E. Sedlak and Lynn C. Sparling, $350,000.

HELMSMAN WAY,413-NVR Inc. to Martha B. and Donald B. Nicholson, $749,468.

MCBRIDE LANE,446-Dreamcraft Homes Inc. to Timothy C. and Jennifer A. Richardson, $655,320.

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