Gov. Sarah Palin Speaks in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Friday, September 19, 2008; 9:47 AM



PALIN: ... and yesterday, a couple days ago, we had a town hall meeting in Michigan, where we heard directly from folks who shared with us their stories of some economic woes that affect their lives. A college student who cannot afford health care, a young doctor; 26-year-old guy who had just graduated med school and he's left with a quarter million dollar debt. He of course, is worrying about how in the world will he repay that and how these economic shifts will affect his ability to practice and to pay his loan at the same time. We heard from citizens worried about earmarks and wasteful spending. And of course, we all know that John McCain is the man there too, to get in there and reform a corrupt earmark process and the excessive spending by Congress.

So we're hearing from Americans all across this great country with their concerns being shared with us. And it is absolutely paramount that we have a leader in these next four years getting our economy back on track. And again, not just talking about it, but, having the commitment to reform and take action. And that's based on somebody's track record. Whether you can believe that they're going to be the maverick, the one willing to even buck their own party if need be in order to do the right thing for the people whom they're serving. And of course, that's John McCain.

Times are tough right now across our country. And Americans are facing kind of elements of a perfect storm that we've got to make sure don't all come together at this time. High taxes; that's one of the elements that can result in a perfect storm that will not be good for the future of America. High gas prices, dependence on energy sources from foreign sources; foreign sources that don't necessarily like America. They certainly don't have our best interests at heart.

We've got too little courage in Washington. That's another one of these elements that if all put together at the same time, will not be good for America. And then too much greed on Wall Street; excess on Wall Street. And kind of that status quo politics as usual, acceptance of what's been going on on Wall Street.

It was John McCain two years ago. He started warning everybody, Fannie and Freddie have got to be shored up. There have got to be changes in those organizations, or you are going to see what exactly is happening today. He warned, he had that foresight. He's got some great foresight on a whole lot of other fronts also. The war in Iraq and so many other things affecting America and our future.

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