Sunday, September 21, 2008

I know all about the Redskins generating heated passions. But did you hear that edgy exchange on Tuesday between WTEM-980's Brian Mitchell and running back Clinton Portis on the "John Thompson Show"? Portis had taken exception to Mitchell's critical commentary of Portis, saying, "I give everything I got; you should stop all the hating."

B-Mitch's Edward R. Murrow-like response: "I analyze the positive and negative, and I'm not backing down."

Thompson tried to cool things, asking the verbal combatants to "calm down."

Meanwhile, Sports Week's Talkbackers, like B-Mitch, aren't backing down, either:

You suggested last Sunday that I should give Coach Jim Zorn a full season before we finalize our critique. Of course, that just isn't going to happen. But if you'll pardon me, I'm in the midst of dessert: a heaping bowl of humble pudding.

Bob Credle, Laurel

A number of telephones in the area went silent last Sunday when Santana Moss pranced into the Saints' end zone with the game-winning touchdown.

As a Nationals fan, it's encouraging to see management's efforts for obtaining castoffs and turning them into positive contributors continue. The farm system's growing reputation speaks for itself. As injuries staggered this team, young players kept the Nats in games. Now it's time for management to get serious in the free agent market.

Pat Parsons, Bowie

The key to the 2009 Nats is how -- or if -- the front office operates in the free agent market and what kind of major league pitching staff it puts on the field.

So right on cue here come the Nationals, those "Boys of September" putting something together long after it mattered. September is the lipstick on this pig of a season. There are bright spots, however, and if owner Ted Lerner's cash adds some power, it wouldn't be a stretch to see them contending next year. Hope springs eternal.

Glenn Goldstein, Reston

"Lipstick on this pig of a season." I like that. But you're right: The Nats are playing good baseball after five months of mostly defeats. The fans deserved better.

Maryland football has a budget comparable to any top 10 program. They are putting money into the stadium. How can a program that professes to have these aspirations have Middle Tennessee (not to mention Delaware and Eastern Michigan) on its schedule?

Kevin Dowd, Rockville

Are you kidding? Every big-time college football team schedules cream puffs early in the season. But losing to a cream puff (Middle Tennessee) is bad.

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