Mother Knows Best: Cooley Was Simply Guilty of an Innocent Mistake

Chris Cooley unknowingly exposed himself on the Internet last week.
Chris Cooley unknowingly exposed himself on the Internet last week. (By Preston Keres -- The Washington Post)
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By Mike Wise
Sunday, September 21, 2008

In the beginning, before the Internet, he was a good boy.

"Chris never gave me any trouble growing up," Nancy Cooley said. "He never skipped school, never drank, never smoked and never did drugs. For three years in high school, he was in the National Honor Society."

Nancy told Chris the reason she wanted him to attend the annual National Honor Society dinner was to "let everyone know you're not just a jock."

Nancy is the mother of Chris Cooley, the burly tight end of the Washington Redskins who unknowingly exposed himself on the World Wide Web last week.

In addition to his laptop skills, Chris hopes to catch some passes from Jason Campbell today and mow over smaller defensive backs from the Arizona Cardinals at FedEx Field, where a hometown mass of 90,000 will then serenade him:


It is cool, awesome even, having watched an introverted, third-round draft choice from Utah State -- a former Sun Belt rube who mumbled through a speakerphone in his first interview as a Redskin -- undergo an incredible metamorphosis, one that now arguably makes Cooley the NFL's most carefree and candid spirit.

Today, he's a say-anything, swashbuckling Pro Bowler with his own blog, who married one of the team's former cheerleaders this past summer. Yes, he imbibes a Yuengling now and then, or something fruity that can be mixed with rum. But he still doesn't smoke or do drugs and rarely causes any trouble.

Except when Chris plays around on that darn computer, as he did last Sunday.

Remember the exasperated Mom from elementary school? The one who had to deal with calls from the principal that began, "Miss Cooley, your son has put raisins up his nose again." Or, "Someone at home needs to tell Chris it's not okay to kiss the girls on the lips in first grade."

Welcome to Nancy's world. Before the Saints game last Sunday, her 26-year-old kindergartner, while posting an innocuous picture of the team's playbook on his blog, forgot to closely check the background.

"It's never a good day when you hear there's a picture of your son's penis on the Internet," Nancy said.

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