Monday, September 29, 2008

A roundup of vaguely related

sports news

Soccer games featuring 5-year-olds are just riots waiting to happen.

Times Leader, via Deadspin:"A woman's concealed-weapons permit was revoked after other parents complained about seeing her carrying a loaded handgun at her 5-year-old daughter's soccer game.

Meleanie Hain, of Lebanon (Pa.), said she takes her holstered Glock 26 everywhere for personal security and is fighting the revocation. . . .

'I'm just a soccer mom who has always openly carried [a firearm], and I've never had a problem before,' Hain said."

* * *

Hopefully, this will make everyone forget about the 2008 Men of Curling Calendar.

Vancouver Sun, via Deadspin:"Curling's version of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is making a comeback.

After taking a year off, the 2009 Women of Curling Calendar, featuring 13 female curlers from around the world, is now on sale.

Like past editions of the calendar, it features nude or near-nude curlers posing with props related to the sport.

'It's not for everyone, but it's a lot tamer than previous calendars,' said Ryan Durham, director of business development for the Curling News, which is marketing the calendar."

* * *

They also promised not to serve British food, which is insulting to everyone with a tongue.

Associated Press, via With Leather:"Olympic organizers issued detailed design rules for the 2012 London Games Wednesday, including a mandate that at least some toilets in the Olympic park do not face the holy Islamic city of Mecca.

Members of the Olympic Delivery Authority said they wanted the Olympic and Paralympic games to be inclusive of people with different faiths and individuals with disabilities. Other design requirements include wide paths with smooth surfaces and seats at regular intervals. . . .

Muslims face Mecca . . . when they pray and generally do not believe they should do the same when using the toilet."

* * *

Storage locker: $10. Michael Vick's end table: priceless.

TMZ.com, via Sports by Brooks: Michael "Vick pulled the ol' 'Paris Hilton' by leaving a bunch of his stuff in a storage locker that hadn't been paid for. The contents of the locker . . . eventually went on the auction block. Since only five people showed up to the sale, a dude named Edward Howard says he was able to obtain the treasure trove of obscurities for a whopping ten bucks."

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