Visitor Center Selections

Tuesday, September 30, 2008; 8:19 PM

Just 24 statues from 100 in the National Statuary Hall Collection will be placed in the Capitol Visitor Center. The full collection -- two from each of the 50 states -- can be viewed at . The 24 to go on display are:

William Edgar Borah, senator from Idaho, prominent isolationist

James P. Clark, senator from Arkansas, supporter of Panama Canal construction

John M. Clayton, senator from Delaware and secretary of state, negotiated Clayton-Bulwer Treaty

Philo T. Farnsworth, Utah inventor and father of television

James Z. George, signer of Mississippi Secession Convention and Confederate colonel, U.S. senator

Ernest Gruening, editor and governor of Alaska

Wade Hampton III, Confederate cavalry commander, governor and senator from South Carolina

Mother Joseph, designed schools, hospitals and orphanages in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest

Kamehameha I, first king to unite all Hawaiian islands

*Helen Keller, Alabama author and activist, first deaf and blind person to graduate from college

Eusebio F. Kino, Catholic priest, helped Christianize the indigenous Native American population in what is now Arizona

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