- Broadband Content Bits: FoxSports Shows; 'Heroes'-G4;' Easy To Assemble'-CBS; Nippon-Amuse

Amanda Natividad
Wednesday, October 1, 2008; 1:07 PM

-- streaming Vuguru show; launching poker series: Michael Eisner's digital studio has found a home for its latest offering, a?you guessed it?comedy series calledBack On Topps, Mediaweek reports. will broadcast each new episode for an exclusive, 12-hour distribution window each Tuesday and Thursday begininning Sept. 30, before other syndication partners, YouTube, Hulu, Veoh, Metacafe, iTunes, Dailymotion, Bebo and Blip air the episodes. The show features former hosts of *ESPN's*Cheap SeatsRandy and Jason Sklar struggling to deal with the family company as they are filmed by a documentary crew, a laThe Office. Sports stars, such as Dennis Rodman, will make appearances as well. In other Fox Sports news, the company has teamed up with World Poker Tour to launch a poker and blackjack series, says Variety.ClubWPT.comwill feature six amateurs who have won spots on the show through designated "TVtournaments" on FSN sportscaster Barry Tompkins, "Live at the Bike" announcer Bart Hansen and ALison Waite will provide commentary as the series will debut on Oct. 5.

-- 'Heroes' unfolds on gaming and video site G4: NowHeroesfans can relive past seasons and watch current episodes on video and multimedia site G4. The site secured off-network rights to the show last year and the deal extends through six seasons with the entireHeroeslibrary available in 2010. G4 also obtained the show's exclusive cable rights and VOF rights in 2010.

-- CBS picks up YouTube show: Comedy seriesEasy to Assemble, has just been picked up by CBS ( NYSE: CBS), after having garnered 300,000 views on YouTube and spending just five days on the video sharing site. CBS's will be broadcasting the new episodes, which spoof Ikea employee training videos featuring Illeana Douglas, Jeff Goldbum, Tom Arnold and more.

-- Japan's Nippon and Amuse team up for drama series: One of Japan's five major networks, Nippon Television Broadcasting, has inked a deal with talent and media company Amuse to webcast a new drama series, reports Variety. Using music from Amuse pop band Southern All-Stars and casting it mainly with Amuse talent,The Surf Rider Restaurant, will begin its 33-episode season in November on TV broadcaster NTV. A day after the terrestrial broadcasts, episodes will also be available for free download on NTV's mobile phone site.

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