Saturday, October 4, 2008

· An item in the Fact Checker column in the Oct. 3 A-section incorrectly reported that the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was not submitted for ratification by the Senate. The treaty was submitted, and rejected, in 1999, with 51 Republicans opposed and four in favor.

· An Oct. 3 Weekend article on the National Museum of Language incorrectly said "The Tale of Genji" was written between 1001 and 1020 B.C. It was written between A.D. 1001 and 1020.

· A listing in the Oct. 3 Weekend section gave the incorrect venue for "The Crystalline Spectrum: A Journey From Student to Master." The exhibit will be at the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College, 3001 N. Beauregard St.

· An Oct. 2 Page One article about how area schools are faring under the No Child Left Behind Act incorrectly reported that Bailey's Elementary School in Fairfax County missed a state achievement target in math this year. Virginia initially reported that the school fell short of the state standard but has since reversed that finding.

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