Man Indicted for Murder in Death of Abducted Woman

By Jonathan Mummolo
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 3:48 PM

A 19-year-old Woodbridge man has been indicted on a felony murder charge in the death last month of Barbara J. "Bobbie" Bosworth, who was killed in a car crash after she was abducted from Springfield Mall, Prince William County's chief prosecutor said today.

A grand jury yesterday indicted Keith A. Baskerville, the sole survivor in the crash that also killed his accomplice, Lutchman L. Chandler, the prosecutor said. Baskerville, who was critically injured in the crash, remains hospitalized but has been moved out of intensive care, he said.

Baskerville was charged last week with carjacking and abducting Bosworth with the intention of extorting money. The investigation shows that Baskerville appears to have been a passenger when the car crashed, but Commowealth's Attorney Paul B. Ebert said the murder charge against him was warranted. He said felony murder is defined as the "unintentional killing of another" while committing a felony.

"The commonwealth's position would be that they were accomplices and that they shared a community of criminal intent," Ebert said at a news conference today. "As a result, they are bound by each other's actions. The fact that [Baskerville] . . . may or may not have been the driver, in my judgment, won't make any difference. . . . This is a rather unusual case. Of course, it's a very tragic case."

Bosworth was abducted Sept. 13 while on a shopping trip at the mall. A videotape from a camera in a parking garage shows the two suspects with her at her car. It is not yet known if she was abducted inside the mall or as she walked to her car.

The carjackers then drove Bosworth in her red Saturn to a PDQ Mart 18 miles away in Prince William, where they tried to use her ATM card to withdraw money. After arousing suspicion there, the men left the store with Bosworth and crashed the car while fleeing the area.

While in the store, police said a man thought the three looked suspicious together and feared that Bosworth was in trouble. The man, pretending to know her, walked up and embraced her, asking in a whisper if she was all right, police said. Bosworth said she needed help.

At the news conference, Prince William Police Chief Charlie T. Deane said the bystander did the right thing given the situation. "I think he did everything he could do," Deane said.

Baskerville is due in circuit court on the murder charge Oct. 16, Ebert said.

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