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(By Julie Zhu)
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Extra Credit:

I believe I speak for all the home-educating parents who read your paper when I say that we're getting a little tired of reading about predominantly three (count them, three) topics in Extra Credit: AP vs. IB (yawn), the gifted and talented program (an insulting label to anyone who doesn't make the cut) and homework assignments (too much, too little, who cares anymore?).

Extra Credit focuses primarily on public institution-based schooling. Perhaps it isn't allowed to explore other educational subjects, but there is a whole world out there that is not constrained by the paradigm of public schooling, a world replete with fascinating debates over the meaning of education, the rightful place of youths in our society and the tragedy of curricula-buying addiction on the part of home-schooling mothers.

There are readers out here who would like to discuss these subjects. Perhaps The Washington Post needs to start a separate column if these topics are not considered within the purview of Extra Credit. A companion blog on The Post Web site would be a welcome addition, as home educators love to hash things out.

Think about it. Your educational coverage ignores an entire demographic.

Rena Corey


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