Tickled Pink (But Still Wary)

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, October 10, 2008

Pink roses. Pink balloons. White-chocolate booties with pink ribbons. Yesterday's baby shower for Michelle Fenty was an explosion of all things girlie-girl. And yet . . .

"I'm secretly afraid I'm still having a boy," said the mayor's wife.

In June, the Fentys announced that they were expecting their third child, joining 8-year-old twins Andrew and Matthew. The twins were thrilled to learn they're getting a little sibling (especially younger-by-11-minutes Andrew, no longer the baby of the family), but the really big news was the gender: The baby would be a girl, the first female born into Adrian Fenty's family in three generations.

It was the perfect excuse for an all-girls luncheon, so Fenty was honored yesterday at a very pink party at the home of Rima Al-Sabah, wife of the Kuwaiti ambassador and mother of four boys. Among the 50 guests: the mayor's mother, Jan Fenty, Diane Williams, Anita McBride, Mary Ourisman, Ann Hand and Barbara Harrison.

Fenty, 38, said her doctors reassured her three times that, yes, she's definitely having a daughter. "They think I'm crazy because I keep asking," she told us. "I'm edging into this very slowly. I went shopping for baby clothes, and my mother said, 'What's wrong with you? Everything's blue.' "

With a month to go before the birth, everything's ready: a pink nursery, a few little pink outfits and a girl's name. Fenty has already revealed it to good friends and was ready to announce it to the party guests -- until she realized we'd put it in the newspaper.

"Oh, I'm afraid it would be bad luck," she said and so kept mum.

Oy! Shooting Schedule Is 'Unorthodox,' Indeed

Great to see Hollywood getting into spirituality! The crew that set up Wednesday on Georgetown's Cambridge Place for a one-day shoot was filming "Unorthodox," a made-for-TV movie about a young D.C. doctor who is pressured to marry the widow of his Hasidic rabbi brother in accordance with ancient levirate law. Neighbors couldn't help but chuckle, though, that the filming went on well past sunset -- and into the start of Yom Kippur, when the observant are supposed to abstain from working. Oh, well!

Bystanders also tell us that flame-haired star Lauren Ambrose, formerly of "Six Feet Under," was largely unrecognizable with a mousy brown do. The movie will air on CBS as a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" production.

The Source Quote 1

"There have been a couple of times during the campaign when I fell off the wagon and bummed one, and I had to kick it again. . . . But I figure, seeing as I'm running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack."

-- Barack Obama in the new issue of Men's Health

on how he apparently still hasn't kicked the smoking habit

-- but they let him be the cover boy anyway.

The Source Quote 2

"You've got a hot bod; don't keep it to yourself. Why wear a pantsuit when you can wear a swimsuit? Welcome to the Lower 48, girlfriend."

Girl talk from Paris Hilton.

-- Paris Hilton offering her advice to Sarah Palin in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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