Saturday, October 11, 2008


Bus Driver in Fatal Crash Is Fired

Metro has fired the bus driver involved in last month's fatal accident with a taxi after the transit agency's preliminary investigation found that the operator violated several of Metro's driving procedures, officials said.

The Sept. 26 crash in Foggy Bottom killed Bartlett M. Tabor, 55, of Alamo, Calif., and injured six others, including the drivers of both vehicles.

D.C. police are investigating the cause of the accident, which occurred when the Metrobus hit a minivan-taxi at Virginia Avenue and 19th Street NW. The driver, who was fired yesterday, had been employed at Metro since March and had been driving a bus since May.

Metro has stiffened penalties for safety violators, allowing dismissal for three violations within a year instead of five. Officials are looking at ways to strengthen bus driver training.

-- Lena H. Sun


Links to Md. Robberies Examined

D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said yesterday that the department is investigating a series of robberies against Asian residents that could be tied to similar crimes in Montgomery County.

Lanier corrected a statement made the previous day by a police spokeswoman who said there was no tie-in. Lanier said that D.C. detectives are working with Montgomery police on the cases. Montgomery police are investigating several incidents in which assailants followed Asian residents to their homes and robbed them, including an attack Wednesday outside a residence in Silver Spring.

Authorities in Montgomery had said that D.C. police were investigating up to 10 similar crimes. Lanier said she had no details about the number of incidents under investigation by D.C. police.

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