Thursday, October 16, 2008

A confession: We've got mixed feelings about all those pointy-toed booties, the flavor du jour for fall '08. This is probably because we are old enough to have lived through several of its incarnations. Like, back in the "Purple Rain" era when we fantasized about kicking Vanity off her throne and joining Prince as the star of his newest girl group, [Insert Our Name Here] 6.

We gave them another chance in the '90s, when we were listening to a lot of trip-hop and wearing a lot of fashionably minimalist black. Picture us walking to the Metro, rocking Tricky on the portable CD player, triangle-toes peeping out from underneath boot-cut leather pants. (At least we felt cool. Isn't that what fashion is all about?)

Then we fell in love with peep toes and round, Minnie Mouse-esque boots, and promptly drop-kicked our cuspidated heels into the Salvation Army bin.

Now they're back -- cropped, sharp, stilettoed, leaving us to contemplate that old maxim about never wearing the same trend twice. (Or, in this case, three times.) We decided that rules are made to be broken, and we bought a pair. Thought the better of it. Returned 'em. Except that now we want another pair. Like the ruffled yellow ones that Gwen Stefani designed for L.A.M.B.

If you're so inclined, keep in mind that pointy booties are best paired with a sleek silhouette: skinny jeans or a skirt, penciled or mini'ed. You want super sharp toes, of the cockroach-killing kind. You want super-duper stilettos, the kind that Amy Winehouse sings about in her ode to bad-girl pumps. Zippers are optional. Embellishment helps. (Fringe! Buckles! Ruching! Color!) These are boots that conjure images of danger, and sex, and a young Pat Benatar looking angst-ridden yet defiant, declaring, "Love Is a Battlefield."

Pull on a pair. Cue the backup dancers.

Shimmy-shoulder shake, shimmy-shoulder shake. Fadeout . . .

-- Teresa Wiltz

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