OnDating: The Blind Date Bonus

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not too long ago, a reader named Rachel was enjoying happy hour with a friend at Jaleo in Chinatown. Two guys sat down nearby and eventually one leaned in to ask, "Don't you think blind dates are the worst?"

"I'd heard worse pickup lines," Rachel recalled, "so I decided to play along and responded, 'Not really. I think it's a compliment when someone tries to set me up.' "

The second guy took it even further, saying he was "thinking of sending out a mass e-mail to my friends, offering $1,000 to the person who introduces me to the woman I marry."

Rachel cracked up at this, because she'd been considering the same thing. A thousand bucks to whoever introduces her to someone special. (The requirements she would lay out are slightly less demanding: "That our relationship last at least a year.")

Anyway, all this led her to wonder, "How many other single 20- and 30-somethings are so eager to meet someone they'll pay $1,000?"

Actually, we'd bet lots of people, even beyond their 20s and 30s, would pay that much, if they thought it could really work. And you know most professional matchmakers make their living off folks who readily write bigger checks than that for love.

So, tell us: Would you?

Or have you ever thought of doing something else dramatic to shake up your dating life? And to what end?

And, no, for those of you wondering, nothing came of that conversation between Rachel and the blind-date-hater. He had a shot with the not-awful pickup line, but it didn't go anywhere. "Ah," she said with a sigh, "if only I had felt a little spark!"

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