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Hitting His Stride

After an unsettling loss in their previous game, the Redskins rebound, holding on for a 14-11 victory over the Cleveland Browns at FedEx Field.


His last trip to the Pro Bowl, he said, was not just rewarding but expensive. "Clinton was young," said Shaun Alexander, his new teammate. "Let's just say we gave him the rookie experience."

"Priest Holmes calls me in Hawaii, asks, 'Man, what room you in? I'm going to call you,' " Portis said. "I'm like, '814.' Never heard from him, but you go to check out and you see charges on your credit card for mai tais. I know I didn't drink 200 mai tais over that weekend. He and Shaun owe me about $15,000 still."

Portis laughed and paused for serious introspection. He was asked if he felt any vindication after many league observers thought his best days were behind him last summer.

"You can't show me a more consistent back throughout this NFL than me," he said. "Every year it's whoever hot. The guy who just had a great season [Adrian Peterson] just popped on the scene and now he's the best back in the NFL. But when it comes to blocking, to springing and playing with everything they got, I don't see nobody."

Nor do Rhonnel Hearn and Clinton's stepfather, Todd Pearson. They had a nice hotel room on Waikiki Beach, their own cabana.

"Nice trip," Clinton's mom said. "I'd love to go again."

If her son stays healthy, she might as well book it.

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