The Meaning of 'Pro-Life'

Thursday, October 23, 2008

As a Roman Catholic, I am disheartened to once again see the church's broad pro-life message being narrowed to one single issue that some use to divide us ["Among Catholics, Political Rifts Over Abortion Have Grown," news story, Oct. 19].

People of all political persuasions can agree on basic moral principles while disagreeing in good conscience about how to apply them. Catholic teachings about the dignity of every human life and the tragedy of abortion are clear. Some of us would address abortion by outlawing it. Others believe that a more realistic response is to ensure that all pregnant women have access to affordable health care and other support systems that encourage them to carry their babies to term.

Meanwhile, too little attention is paid to poverty and violence, which are also fundamental life issues. When will we ever learn?


Communications Coordinator


A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby


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