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Obama's Ad 'Roadblock' Gets Traction

Barack Obama, with Jon Stewart in '07, will appear via satellite tonight on
Barack Obama, with Jon Stewart in '07, will appear via satellite tonight on "Daily Show." John McCain will be on "Larry King." (By Jason Decrow -- Associated Press)
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Here's a look at the week's most and least:


"The Cleaner." A&E renews its Benjamin Bratt intervention series, which, according to Nielsen Media Research, is the most engaging cable show among Democrats and Republicans alike.

"Ghost Whisperer." Blog chatter about ominous-ish things that may be happening to Melinda's husband scared up more than 10 million viewers -- the CBS show's biggest audience in nearly three years.

"Life." When NBC's sophomore do-over series showed signs of life, including rampant DVR-viewing, the network plucked it from certain death on Friday and sent it to the relative safety of Wednesday.

"Mad Men." Some critics can't stand this period drama's 1960s pacing, but nearly 1.8 million viewers showed up for the second-season finale on AMC Sunday -- compared with 926,000 viewers for the first season's wrap-up.

"D.L. Hughley Breaks the News." Debut of CNN's newsedy show, featuring former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan's latest Dumping on the GOP act, attracted 1.5 million viewers Saturday night. That's 72 percent more people than had watched CNN's actual news show in the time slot this year.

"Gary Unmarried." CBS's latest exercise in Male Pattern Optimism -- doughy, dumb-ish guy scores the hot chick -- logs its best numbers to date, 7.6 million viewers, mostly because Fox did not air "Bones" that night, driving its chicks to "Gary." CBS rewarded the Wednesday farm-team sitcom with a Monday night tryout.

"Dancing With the Stars." ABC scrubs Ashton Kutcher's reality series "Opportunity Knocks," replaces it with more granny on the dance floor in age-inappropriate costumes -- a.k.a. "Dancing With the Stars" recap show starring Cloris Leachman -- and the time slot jumps from 5 million viewers to 9 million.


"Stylista.""America's Next Top Model" welcomes new "Stylista" with a lead-in audience of 4.4 million; "Stylista" fumbles all but 2.4 million of the viewers, which is barely better than CW was doing in the time period with repeats of the next generation of "90210."

World Series. With the Tampa Bay Rays in the mix, Saturday's game rained out until 10 p.m. and Monday's game carried over two nights due to rain, this year's series is on track to be the lowest-rated ever, though even in its depressed state, the World Series still managed to attract as many as 15.5 million viewers on Sunday.

"The Ex List.""Ghost Whisperer" delivers a lead-in advantage of 4 million to the newcomer, which, by its second half-hour, had fallen to fourth place in its Friday time slot. CBS yanked "Ex List" because it had only a narrow, young-female appeal. Maybe NBC wants it.

"Lipstick Jungle." NBC's other sophomore do-over series struggles on Wednesday, causing the network to send it to Friday, where all chick dramedies go to die. RIP, "Lipstick Jungle."

The week's 10 most watched programs: CBS's "CSI"; ABC's "Dancing With the Stars"; CBS's "NCIS"; ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" results show and "Desperate Housewives"; Fox's World Series Game 4; CBS's "The Mentalist," "Criminal Minds" and "Two and a Half Men"; and Fox's World Series Game 1.

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