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A Day at School With Jason Campbell and a 7-Year-Old Fan

The Washington Post's Mike Wise goes to school with Jason Campbell. Video by Atkinson & Co.

There were other tidbits gleaned from Washington's quarterback, courtesy of really smart and thought-out questions asked by P.B. Smith's finest:

"What player did you learn the most from in your career?"

"Mark Brunell," Campbell said, launching into a nice tribute about how the man he replaced helped him become a better person off the field.

"What do you do in your spare time?"


And this gem, proving these kids did their homework: "How do you mentally turn yourself around after a play goes wrong?"

Campbell: "Uh."

By the end of the assembly Campbell had a group of kids, including Taylor, chanting "War Eagle!" for his beloved Auburn University. They in turn made him chant, "Roadrunners!"

When the quarterback of the Redskins lifted up Taylor in his big arms, she jumped as high as she jumped all day, conducting an impromptu interview with her special guest. (Taylor came up with two of the 10 questions by herself.)

Take a Player to School Day went off without a hitch. When it was over, it was hard to gauge who was more enraptured by the experience -- Taylor or the ridiculously large kid who wore his Jason Campbell No. 17 jersey to school, as kids will sometimes do.

"I really like the way they were cheering for me and him when he came out," Taylor said.

"This is fun, man, it's like a concert," Campbell said, as the shrieks continued. "I haven't been in second grade since I don't know when."

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