Kensie long cardigan in red, $88, available at Circle Boutique.
Kensie long cardigan in red, $88, available at Circle Boutique. (Photos By Julia Ewan -- The Washington Post)
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Runaway gas prices. Marathon commutes. Corporate downsizing.

Perhaps in time we'll all be "consultants," telecommuting little worker bees toiling away in our own individual Wi-Fi'ed hives -- hives that we don't have a prayer of selling until the market rights itself in, oh, 2020. If you're one of the 19 million or so Americans who earn a paycheck laboring from home, you already know that a different sort of wardrobe is required when your daily commute entails rolling over and picking your MacBook Air up off the nightstand.

Sure, pajamas always work -- like this fabulously funky peacock number from Elizabeth Cotton. But they're not such a good idea if you've got to do the video conference thing. Of course, you can always toss a polished sweater jacket over those pj's, and the Big Boss will be none the wiser.

Lycra is your friend. So is jersey. Think leggings or high-waisted wide-legs and soft, cushy wrap tops that drape just so. Wear a chunky sweater over a tee and those newfangled riding pants. A pair of boots or ballet flats is all you need to be presentable should you crave human contact at the coffee shop. If you're feeling moderately flush, Vince and James Perse can't be beat for hip-looking basics. But there's gold to be found at H&M and American Apparel, too. In short: For the teleworkers of the world, comfort is key. Why wear Spanx if you don't have to?

-- Teresa Wiltz

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