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Some Closing Thoughts

My father is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and an avid hunter, yet he supports Sen. Barack Obama. Many across Virginia, regardless of skin color or background, are excited to hear a message of hope. In my once-conservative home town, there are just as many Obama signs as there are McCain signs. We are certainly not all racist or backward. I am ashamed that others think so, and Mr. Fisher reinforces that sentiment.

I would suggest that Mr. Fisher spend some time in small-town Virginia and talk to more than the Sarah Palin faithful. My 85-year-old grandmother would love to talk to him. She is voting for the first time. And for Barack Obama.




The Post's defense of Rashid Khalidi ["An 'Idiot Wind,' " editorial, Oct. 31] was generally commendable, but in fairness to Sen. John McCain, it should be noted that Mr. Khalidi was indeed "a PLO spokesman."

In the early years of the Lebanese civil war, Mr. Khalidi was the Beirut-based spokesman for the Palestine Liberation Organization, and his office was a stop on the daily rounds of journalists covering that conflict. As we used to say in the pre-electronic newspaper business: Check the clips.


The Middle East Institute



Much has been made of the so-called Bradley effect: the potential for voting flip-flops to occur when submerged racism bubbles up to confront reason, as Eugene Robinson discussed in his Oct. 24 op-ed column.

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