Four Downs

By Steve Yanda
Saturday, November 1, 2008


Vision Quest

In addition to the physical pain Florida State running back Jermaine Thomas experienced during his first career concussion Oct. 25 against Virginia Tech, he said he also was affected spiritually. Thomas told the Orlando Sentinel this week that "something just went through [his] body" after he was hit during the third quarter. "I had a flashback, like heaven, then hell," Thomas said. He saw "a whole bunch of lights and angels" before, he said, "the devil" appeared.


Soon to Hit the Market

Auburn's offensive assistants soon may be testing out that shaky real estate market. Paul Spina, president pro tempore of the Auburn Board of Trustees, told the Birmingham News that he fully supports Coach Tommy Tuberville so long as changes are made. "I think Tommy made a couple of staff mistakes, and I'm going to fight for him to have the opportunity to correct those mistakes," Spina said. Tuberville fired first-year offensive coordinator Tony Franklin earlier this season.


Never Saw It Coming

On Tuesday night, Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards ran into a service cart parked against a grass embankment in the back of the end zone during a game against Marshall. The next morning, Edwards underwent surgery to mend his broken right leg. Hours later from his hospital room, Edwards declared that the officiating crew was at fault for the incident. "They are supposed to check and see if everything is off the field," Edwards said.


Extended Weekend

The Clarke County (Ga.) School District canceled classes yesterday after years of struggling to find substitute teachers the day before the annual Georgia-Florida football game. According to local media reports, 137 teachers called in sick on the day before the game last year, and the district found just 113 substitutes. School administrators found over the years that almost twice as many teachers call in sick the day before the game than on an average school day.

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