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Sunday, November 9, 2008


The most striking thing about Every Man Jack's two-in-one daily shampoo and conditioner has nothing to do with how well it cleans. It's the bottle. The big, angular design is crowned with an off-center faux-wood cap that wouldn't have been out of place as paneling in my first car. It is as showily masculine as shampoo can be.

Examine the bottle closely, though, and the tough-guy act begins to weaken. Coconut-derived surfactants? Soothing marine extracts? These are not typical bullet points on a manly man's shopping list. Opening the cap is even more revealing: The signature fragrance resembles nothing more than the distinctive bouquet of a York peppermint pattie.

And so it all makes sense. Gentlemen, this product is not made for you. No, ladies, this is for you. Is your significant other too manly for conditioner? Do you want to trick your Neanderthal man into following a more civilized personal-care regimen? Well, Every Man Jack has your back.

-- Justin Rude

$8 at Target stores and http://www.everymanjack.com.


First, an admission: I was prepared to dislike Josie Maran's Bear Naked Wipes from the outset. One, they are the brainchild of a celebrity -- a model, no less. Two, their eco-friendliness comes off a bit precious, from the cutesy motto ("Erase your face, not the polar bear race!") to the high price. And three, they failed my first test. Though the packaging claims the formula is "gentle enough for eyes" -- implying that it removes eye makeup, right? -- the wipes were useless against my mascara. So while these biodegradable wipes are petrochemical-free, I ended up using Vaseline with them to get rid of the stubborn eye makeup. Oops.

I would have given up, but the grapefruit scent is mild and delicious, and the cloths are incredibly easy to use. After a few days, I noticed that one persistently blotchy area on my chin had disappeared. In fact, my skin looked all-around healthier. Plus, a portion of sales goes to protecting endangered polar bears. So I can be blemish-free and help the cuddly cousins of Knut and Flocke? I can't help but like the sound of that.

-- Hannah Schardt

$12 for 30 wipes at Sephora stores

and http://www.josiemarancosmetics.com.

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