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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Prospective candidates for attorney general

Janet Napolitano

Current job: Governor of Arizona.

Credentials: Former attorney general for Arizona; former U.S. attorney for the District of Arizona; attorney for Anita Hill, who testified against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas at Senate Judiciary Committee nomination hearings.

What she offers: Napolitano was an early and vocal political supporter of Barack Obama, who calls her one of the nation's most effective leaders. Napolitano won two terms in a state that heavily leaned toward the GOP. She also has been an outspoken advocate for giving more federal money to states burdened with the costs of incarcerating illegal immigrants.

Vetting: Napolitano has grappled this year with dwindling resources and heavy turnover among some of her key aides in the governor's office.

Quote: "I really resist lots of labels, because labels assume a whole package of characteristics and stereotypes," Napolitano told the American Prospect this year. "I think it's more of a sense of style, a recognition that there are good ideas held by people of both parties, of all parties."

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