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By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Was That Bow-Tied Superhero?

D.C. has a new crime fighter: Mr. Bow Tie!

Tony Williams was on K Street yesterday afternoon when a thief grabbed a package from a UPS hand truck. The deliveryman, standing a few yards away, looked up and yelled, "Hey!" but the man kept walking.

Enter the former mayor, who asked the delivery guy if he was being robbed. "I said to myself, 'Do I just stand here? No, this can't happen,' " Williams told us. "And I just started running."

The ex-mayor, 57, was "extremely decisive," said eyewitness Lisa Gough, director of communications for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Gough was walking back to the office when she witnessed the theft and saw Williams spring into action. "While the rest of us were standing around trying to figure out what was going on, he acted. He was definitely in hot pursuit."

Williams sprinted down K Street shouting, "Stop! Stop! You can't do that!" With the deliveryman right behind him, he caught up to the culprit -- who looked at the bow tie and stopped dead in his tracks.

"You used to be the mayor," said the surprised thief, who simply handed over the box of computer parts.

The man walked away; Williams said he started after him while looking for a police car but decided not to restrain him. The man slipped into the crowd as passersby asked Williams what had happened. "I'm just fighting crime in the city," he told them.

The Open Secret of First Family Code Names

Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but the secret code names for the new first family are Barack Obama, "Renegade"; Michelle, "Renaissance"; Malia, "Radiance"; Sasha, "Rosebud." So, uh, what's the secret here exactly? For starters, the Secret Service gets a little annoyed hearing these names (Reagan was "Rawhide," Jenna was "Twinkle," etc.) referred to as its "code names": They're actually picked out by the White House Military Office (which oversees all military units on duty with the president), and although the Secret Service sometimes uses them as well, they don't serve any security function. "We work on all encoded, encrypted communications systems," a service spokesman said. So why use aliases at all? Brevity. "It's easier to refer to them by code names than to go through the titles," a White House spokesman said.

Love, Etc.

· Adopting: Grover and Samah Norquist, who welcomed Grace a week ago. The conservative president of Americans for Tax Reform got a call from his wife last summer: "I met a little girl, and I think we should adopt her." The little redhead, 8 months old, came from an orphanage in the West Bank town of Bethlehem; she arrived in D.C. two days after the election. The couple married three years ago; this is their first child.

· Married: CBS correspondent Lara Logan and defense contractor Joe Burkett, in a small ceremony at a friend's place in N.Y.C. recently, she confirmed following a N.Y. Daily News report. Second marriage for both, after a Baghdad romance that became major tabloid fodder. Logan, who recently bought a home in D.C., is expecting their first child in January.

Surreal Estate

Seller: Barbara Harrison and John Pyles

Price: $7.5 million

Details: The NBC4 morning anchor and her developer husband have listed their seven-bedroom, 6 1/2 -bath home overlooking Rock Creek Park -- for the fourth time in the 20 years they've lived there. "Believe me, he's never seen a property he doesn't want to buy or sell," Harrison told us yesterday. With a new administration coming to town, her husband figured it was a good time to test the market: The 1927 Harry Wardman design boasts five fireplaces, two kitchens, two terraces and a pool on more than an acre. Even if the property sells, she said, they'll stick to D.C.

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