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Sunday, November 16, 2008

There's nothing we love more than you, our readers. You reliably respond to our requests for ideas, so we figured we'd push our luck and ask you to think about three topics at once. Take a look and send us a note.

. . . About the Ugliest Thing in Washington

There are many beautiful things in the D.C. area, but there are also hideous things. Colorless, Soviet-style federal buildings. A deadened span of strip malls. Maybe it's something you've seen in the city or in the suburbs. Maybe it's a building, or something on the side of the road, or a public space that has fallen into disrepair.

We want you to tell us about the ugliest thing in the Washington area. Describe it to us in an e-mail, and include a photo if you can. We're talking about inanimate things: landmarks, buildings, formations, abandoned construction sites and other permanent (or semi-permanent) parts of the area. E-mail by Friday with "ugly" in the subject line.

. . . About Your Celebrity Doppleganger

We're in the market for celebrity look-alikes. If you bear a striking resemblance to a famous person, e-mail your name, contact information and a couple of photos to by Friday. Put "celebrity" in the subject line.

Note: Just because you have pillowy lips does not make you Angelina Jolie's twin. The rest of your head must look like her, too. We want to hear from people who elicit double takes and constant comments. If you don't resemble a celebrity but your friends do, tell them to e-mail us!

. . . About That Terrible Thing You Did This Year

We could tick off our accomplishments in the year 2008, or we could confess to our lesser moments and have a few laughs. Did you do or say something awful on a date? Catch yourself being a terrible parent? Do something laughably selfish? We want to hear about it for a roundup of end-of-the-year confessionals.

Tell us about the bad thing you did and got away with (with or without your self-esteem intact). E-mail your story, name and contact information to by Friday. Put "confession" in the subject line. And don't worry: We won't use your full name in print.

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