Smoking Goes Up as Economy Goes Down

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An Economy Going Up in Smoke

If you think you've noticed more people huddled in doorways puffing on cigarettes or smelled smoke on the breath of someone you thought had kicked the habit, you may be right: A new survey indicates that the economic meltdown is prompting people to light up more.

The online survey of 2,076 U.S. adults conducted for the anti-smoking group American Legacy Foundation found that money worries are prompting ex-smokers to pick up the habit again and unrepentant nicotine fiends to smoke more.

It's just the latest evidence that the economic crisis is taking its toll on people's health.

-- Rob Stein

TOMHERE wrote:

I quit three years ago and will never go back.

Do the math: Two packs a day at $3.50 a pack: $7 times 365 days = $2,555 a year. Times 3 years = $7,500 +!!!!!!

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