In Transition: Raymond W. Kelly

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Monday, November 17, 2008; 9:18 AM


Current job: New York City police commissioner.

Credentials: Former Clinton undersecretary of the Treasury and customs commissioner; head of global security for the former Bear Stearns; held every rank in a 31-year career with the New York Police Department; Vietnam veteran and retired Marine Corps Reserve colonel.

What he offers: Kelly, 67, is a consummate law enforcement professional who has led counterterrorism efforts in the nation's largest city, whose intelligence and weapons-of-mass-destruction detection programs lead the nation's. He has Washington experience, political infighting skills and proven crisis management abilities.

Vetting: New York City's second most powerful official, after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), may have mayoral ambitions himself, or ties to law enforcement and his native city that he may not wish to sever. Some Democrats do not want DHS to focus on anti-terrorism or have a "top cop" lead the department. The last New York police commissioner considered for the job was Bernard Kerik.

Quote: "I wouldn't want to be sitting on the sidelines in this time in history . . . I think I have something to contribute. I would feel frustrated if I wasn't in the game."

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