Letter -- Toxic Decision-Making at the EPA

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Nov. 14 news story "EPA Advisers Seek Perchlorate Review" made it clear that yet again, the Bush administration is more concerned with protecting industry than safeguarding the health of women and children.

The Environmental Protection Agency's preliminary determination on Oct. 3 not to set a federal drinking-water standard for perchlorate, a toxic ingredient of rocket fuel, is cause for great concern. The agency based its decision on an invalidated, industry-funded computer risk model, ignoring peer-reviewed studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that exposure to perchlorate leads to hormone deficiencies, which can affect brain development in children.

Now we learn that three of the EPA's own advisory boards agree that the agency rushed its judgment. In addition to the Science Advisory Board and the Drinking Water Advisory Committee, the Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee submitted a letter expressing its concern with the EPA's decision not to regulate perchlorate.

This decision is another instance of a regulatory agency shrinking from its responsibility to protect the American public. The EPA should listen to its own advisers and reverse this decision.


Executive Director

Food & Water Watch


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