Zorn Addresses Loss Of S. Taylor With Team

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The anniversary of Sean Taylor's death doesn't come until Thanksgiving, but Taylor's presence is still felt daily at Redskins Park. Though Coach Jim Zorn was not with the team when Taylor, Washington's Pro Bowl safety, was shot at his Miami area home last Nov. 26 and died a day later, he is aware of the impact Taylor's loss had on the entire franchise.

"It was a gash," Zorn said.

Because of that, Zorn thought it was important to remind his players of Taylor before those from outside the organization reminded them of the anniversary. So he brought a collage of Taylor photos that normally hangs outside his office to a team meeting yesterday morning.

"I just wanted to make sure that these guys knew that he was the kind of player that these guys wanted to practice like and play like," Zorn said. "And that's part of the memory that we need to keep alive here on this football team, just the kind of player he was."

Current Redskins were asked about Taylor's memory yesterday by members of the media, a development Zorn said he anticipated.

"It was very tender then," Zorn said, "and now, with the anniversary of it . . . it'll be next week that will kind of be that week that things are going to be a little tender. I want to make sure I bring it up now and that all of a sudden it doesn't catch somebody off guard."

-- Barry Svrluga

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