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A Question of Justice

That don't sound good. As for his policy positions, though, that's why we have elections. Is Holder any more to the left than John Ashcroft was to the right?

But if you think the left is embracing the man who would be the first African American attorney general, check out this Nation post by John Nichols:

"Quick! Name the veteran Department of Justice insider who, shortly after the USA Patriot Act was signed into law and at a point when the Bush administration was proposing to further erode barriers to governmental abuses, argued that dissenters should not be tolerated?

"Who invoked September 11, explicitly referencing 'the World Trade Center aflame,' in calling for the firing of any 'petty bureaucrat' who might suggest that proper procedures be followed and that the separation of powers be respected?

"John Ashcroft? No.

"Alberto Gonzales? No.

"It was Eric Holder, the man who has reportedly been selected by President-elect Barack Obama to serve as the next attorney general of the United States . . .

"If that's unsettling, consider the fact that Holder was part of the legal team that in 2005 developed strategies for securing re-authorization of the Patriot Act."

The gloves are coming off.

And speaking of ideological opposition:

"Antiwar groups and other liberal activists are increasingly concerned at signs that Barack Obama's national security team will be dominated by appointees who favored the Iraq invasion and hold hawkish views on other important foreign policy issues," the L.A. Times reports.

"The activists are uneasy not only about signs that both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates could be in the Obama Cabinet, but at reports suggesting that several other short-list candidates for top security posts backed the decision to go to war."

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