- Imeem Launches Mobile Advertising Platform For Android

Matt Kapko
Monday, November 24, 2008; 3:00 PM

Imeem has launched a mobile advertising platform in concert with its social music service. The ad-serving platform will initially be available on imeem's Android application, which has gained traction as one of the ten most-downloaded apps in the Android Market. The first company to jump on board is Kia Motors America, which is now promoting the Kia Soul. The month-long campaign will include a fixed presence for the Kia Soul across all song pages, as well as a Soul-branded Internet radio station that will be featured on the application. Kia will also have a presence on through a branded profile and ads on individual media pages throughout the site. Imeem announced that it has also released a new version of the application for Android, which includes several new recommendation features, location-based streaming stations, artist bios, artist recommendations and a holiday music station. Release.

In late September, Pandora, another music-streaming service which has seen similar success on the iPhone, set up a advertising platform and brought Best Buy and Beck's beer on as its first two month-long sponsors.

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