Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nonprofit, Full-Paying

Despite their reputation for low wages, some nonprofit jobs actually pay about the same as comparable for-profit-sector positions, a new Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows.

Those in full-time administrative support jobs collected about $15.50 an hour last year, whether they worked for a business or a charitable group, according to BLS economist Amy Butler.

And nonprofit employees a range of occupations in health care and education earn similar wages to their for-profit counterparts, Butler said. Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and home health aides also took home comparable paychecks whether they worked for a business or a nonprofit.

But full-time managers at charities and nonprofits earn far less than those in business: $34.24 an hour on average at nonprofits vs. $41.38.

While nonprofit financial, business and computer jobs also pay less, full-time nonprofit jobs overall came out ahead of all private-sector jobs. Butler said that's because the nonprofit sector has a higher concentration of higher-paying health, education and other professional jobs.

-- Vickie Elmer

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