Women Asking Out Men, Bird Bones, a Reader Answers a Question

(Danny Hellman for The Washington Post)
By Joe Heim, Justin Rude and Dan Zak
Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Wise Guys:

The TWGs are clearly not romantic advisers, but what do men think about being asked out by women? I conducted a survey of men, women, different generations, different cultural backgrounds, different degrees of inebriation. It yielded a consensus. Wondering what you think (Dan especially).


Joe: Men are thrilled to be asked out by women whom they find physically, emotionally, intellectually and sense-of-humorly attractive.

Justin: Mostly just physically attractive, though.

Joe: Probably true. Christine especially wants to hear from you, Dan.

Dan: Just think: If women had not had the generosity of spirit to ask out Joe and Justin, they wouldn't be happily married today. So do your part to reform hapless bachelors. As a bachelor who is hapful, I can say I love being asked out, though my heart already belongs to a woman named Liza.

Hey, Wise Guys:

I've read that birds can fly because their bones are hollow, but does that mean they have no bone marrow? And if they don't, how do they produce blood cells?

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