Bill Clinton To Reveal The Names Of Donors

By Chris Cillizza
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, November 30, 2008

INDIAN WELLS, Calif., Nov. 29 -- Former president Bill Clinton has agreed to make public 200,000 donors to his presidential library and foundation as part of an agreement with President-elect Barack Obama's transition team designed to allow his wife -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton -- to be named secretary of state, according to two sources familiar with the arrangement.

The former president has also agreed to allow the State Department and, potentially, the White House to vet his personal business interests and speeches so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest, according to transition officials.

The outlines of the deal cut by Obama and the Clintons emerged in the last week as it became increasingly clear that the New York senator would be named secretary of state.

The transition team said the president-elect will make the announcement Monday in Chicago.

Bill Clinton has long resisted calls to make public the donors to his library and foundation, insisting that he has complied with all federal laws governing the disclosure (or lack thereof) of the contributions and the contributors to the foundation.

During the primary fight between Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Illinois senator's campaign described his opponent as a "veteran of non-disclosure" -- using the donors to the library as a cudgel in the argument.

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