Tweeds, Shearling And Animal Print: We're All Ears In the Wintertime

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scarf, check. Gloves, check. Hat?

And mess up this do? You're kidding.

The inevitable static that comes after stretching a wool cap over our heads is so not flattering. But neither are those raw, reddened ears that develop when you brave the elements sans chapeau.

Here's an option, and just hold on before you dismiss it as hopelessly nerdy: earmuffs. They've become kind of adorable. And functional -- they delicately perch atop a head without damaging an hour's worth of work with a curling iron.

Burberry's cashmere earmuffs with shearling trim, in rose, manage to make the staple a bit trendier. For over-the-top shearling -- and trust us, that's a good thing, a very good thing -- Ugg Australia makes a pair of ultra-soft shearling and suede muffs that feel like you're hugging your coziest, fluffiest pillow to your ears wherever you go.

Budget-minded babes aren't relegated to the cheapo kind with that twisty plastic headband in between two orbs of synthetic fur. J.Crew offers a line of wool-trim shearling earmuffs in plaids, solid colors and black-and-white tweed that would perfectly pair with a peacoat. Macy's carries Burberry-esque plaid earmuffs from D8Y that go the faux-shearling route and, thus, cost $24.

There is fur to be found, if you're so inclined. We scored a pair of leopard-print rabbit fur earmuffs from Dena for $9.99 at T.J. Maxx, although the Juicy Couture luxe rabbit fur earmuffs in an ivory Angel hue certainly look glamorous, too ($95,

Those who still can't bear to crush a single hair may want to think about behind-the-head earmuffs ($9.99, T.J. Maxx) from 180s. The dark brown faux-suede model provides an Ugg look while blocking wind -- and that unsightly redness -- from your ears.

Things this practical are not usually this cute.

-- Ariel Alexovich

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