- Jimmy Fallon's NBC Gig To Go Live Online Monday; About Four Months Prior To TV

Rafat Ali
Friday, December 5, 2008 6:07 PM

As has been previously announced, Jimmy Fallon is slated to get a head start as a Conan O'Brien's replacement as host of Late Night on NBC, online a few months before his official TV start. Now, that online gig will start this Monday, at It will be a series of video blogs starring Fallon, every night at 12:35 a.m. According to Variety, although these online videos were originally intended as a dry run for Fallon's takeover the show, the webisodes will instead be "more lo-fi, freeform-style looks at what Fallon is up to on the eve of his hosting gig," the story says.

These video blogs will run about five minutes each (as opposed to the hour long TV show), and may range from behind-the-scenes at a Fallon stand-up gig, or a riff on something he's found on the streets, to a clip of Fallon running around his new offices, the Variety story says. Also slated to be announced next week: the start of Fallon TV's show, and it is expected to start in March (expected to be March 2).


Jimmy Fallon Gets An Early Shot At Replacing Conan--On The Web

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