- Tribune's Ch. 11: Its Letter To Advertisers

Rafat Ali
Tuesday, December 9, 2008; 1:06 AM

Tribune has sent out a letter to its advertisers across newspaper, TV and other publishing outlets, trying to assure them about its Chapter 11 filing and its hopes to come out restructured on the other end. From the letter, some key points (in Tribune's own words):

For you, there will be no impact on your advertising with us?we are focused on delivering results for YOU. We understand the importance of your advertising program with Tribune and its media businesses; be assured your program will continue without interruption. 1. Does this mean that Tribune is going out of business? No. The company is still ? and will continue to be ? in business. Tribune is continuing to publish our newspapers and to run its television stations, websites and other media businesses. Tribune has great brands, and we are pursuing this restructuring in order to protect and strengthen them long-term. 2. Will Tribune continue to have a commitment to news? Yes. The restructuring will take pressure off the company's operations, allowing it to re-invest in our brands, compete on a broader level and be number one in its markets. 3. Are Tribune's current broadcast affiliations still in place? Yes. 4. Will Tribune stay in business with the sports teams it works with today? Yes.

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5. How does the filing affect advertisers' pre-paid advertising contracts? It doesn't. These contracts remain the same and the company and its media businesses are operating business as usual. 6. Will there be changes in advertisers' account representatives or the way advertisers do business with Tribune? No. The company and its media businesses are operating business as usual. 7. Will the quality of my advertising with Tribune dissipate or will my advertising reach change? No. In fact, this filing allows Tribune to re-invest in its brands and focus more on what the company does best ? providing news, programming and content to our customers and advertisers. 8. Why should advertising clients continue advertising with Tribune? Tribune is not going out of business. In fact, the company took this step to take control of its business and ensure it's viable for many years to come. The company's brands remain strong?we're still publishing our newspapers and operating our TV stations and websites. Tribune values its relationships with advertisers and looks forward to continuing to work with them. 9. How long will the reorganization process take? This process can last varying amounts of time.



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