Live From Iceland, or Possibly Greenland, It's the DipNote Tweet Show!

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By Al Kamen
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There's only six weeks left in the Bush administration, but Loop Fans know that political appointees are not about to collect their paychecks and just kick back in local bars. Au contraire! They're going hyperspeed to fulfill their duties before the inauguration.

Take Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Colleen Graffy, formerly the academic director and associate professor at the London Law Program for Pepperdine University School of Law. She received international fame of a sort in 2006 when she was quoted saying that the suicides of three Guantanamo Bay detainees were a "good PR move."

Graffy is overseas as we speak, working to spread the word of America's fine foreign policy. And the State Department, aware of your short attention span, has a simple way to make sure you know how she's earning her keep. Here's the note on the official blog, DipNote.

"Do you twitter? You can follow a diplomat in real-time and learn more about America's public diplomacy by catching the 'tweets' of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Colleen Graffy." Tweets are very brief messages, 140 characters max, letting people know what you're doing.

"She is tweeting now," the Friday night DipNote said, "as she prepares this weekend to depart for Iceland, Croatia and Armenia. She will chat with bloggers, meet with the spokesperson at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, compare notes with journalists, talk with university students, hear about the Fulbright program, have pizza with representatives of the youth wings of political parties and more."

Her first tweets:

· "it's official -- Dipnote announces I'm twittering my trip to Iceland, Croatia and Armenia. Now to pack!"

· "Dashing in to State Dept to pick up tickets, briefing books -- white knuckle time -- gotta catch that flight!"

· "in Boston now boarding flight to Iceland! forgot gym clothes, forgot bathing suit (possible Blue Lagoon visit). advice: don't pack in 30 min"

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