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Can Pets Contact Us From the Great Beyond?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Dr. Fox:

Our 15-year-old beagle died last year. We have her collar with her tags, pictures and her ashes on a table in our bedroom.

After she died, we would often hear her collar jingle while together in the room. This went on for about three months, and then, one day, we felt her "leave" and have not heard her since.

Are we going crazy? Did her spirit stay around to make sure we would be all right?

J.C. & F.W.

Naples, Fla.

You are not crazy, although skeptics of the supernatural will insist you are deluded. That both of you heard your deceased dog's collar jingling many times is strong evidence that it was real.

In my books "Dog Body, Dog Mind" and "Cat Body, Cat Mind," I have collected and shared several instances of dead pets manifesting in various ways.

I would welcome hearing from readers who have had similar communications from beyond the grave. Check my Web site,, to view photos that help confirm there is more to life and death than we realize.

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